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Landscape Design

We put our heart and soul in our designs which shows and bears fruit for years to come. Whether you need urban, Zen gardens, swimming pools or patio area designs, our experts can hook you up with a pleasing design you would like to have for your space or project. Our methods what define us and stand us apart from the crowd. Read More

Green Wall & Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens / Greenall is a delight to have around. Plants going vertical is a sight to be seen giving an awe inspiring effect which makes the whole day better. We have irrigation experts with hands on knowledge of panels and computing to perform a long lasting hands-free solutions to keep our installations stay the same as when we installed them. Read More

Garden Maintenance

Garden maintenance is not just watering or spraying just fertilizers & pesticides. Stay away for gardeners for whom every solutions is 'DAP'. Let our certified experts handle your green spaces and avoid unprofessionals toy with your investment. Read More

Sprinkler Setup

Everybody loves to eat a cake, but making one is a tedious task. Same goes with gardens and greenspaces, the key ingredient to a successful garden is the watering system. If they are watered adequately consider nearly more than half the job is done, then and there. Read More

To conserve water, drip irrigation setup is the most optimum solution for your horticulture environment specially if spanned among a large area or field. Apart from it Drip system keeps the soil moist for longer periods of time providing better yield and results.Read More

Drip Irrigation Setup

To truly maximize the beauty of a garden requires a fountain. We deal in all kinds and sorts of garden fountains whether be tiered (plate), Japanese, dry or disappearing fountain, wall or self-contained fountains to add that extra beauty to your existing garden.Read More

Garden Fountains

Water Bodies

We have made water bodies of all sizes and shapes, some of them mimicking a small mountain or waterfall. Whether you need an indoor fountain or a retaining wall water fall made of natural rocks, pebbles or fiber, we have you covered. Read More

Patios, Pergolas & Gazeebos

We can create patios and gazeebos for all sizes and shapes of outdoor areas and purposes. Whether you would like to have a space to host parties or just want to have relaxed area in your premise. With variety of materials and styles we can definitely satisfy you requirement. Read More

We deal in all kinds of grass and sodding starting with American Grass, Korean, Dhaka, Tiffany and more. Let Greenfield’s setup your garden with freshly sodded grass to give it that lush green look always talked about being on the other side. Now it can be on your side too. Read More

Grass & sodding

By using high tech tools, methods and pool of over 300 gardeners, we can install trees of any amount within days at an unmatchable rate. Whether be shade trees, palm trees or other type of large trees which would require cranes of some sort; we are the go to guys for your job. Read More

Trees Installation


Find below a list of satisfied customers who we have catered in different scopes of landscaping and would vouch for us being the best in the business any day of the week. We have helped corporate and many individuals achieve their dream projects and the list below is a testament to that.